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Website Development in Greece 2022 - Soulu Engineering

The IT services market in Greece is in a fairly developing state. Website development in Greece in 2022 is increasingly necessary for businesses in Greece. If you are in the Real estate in Greece field, or do you want to sell something online. Any cases you must order the development of a website, online shop or web platform.

Website development market in Greece

The website development market in Greece is represented by many companies. The level of quality and price policy of companies developing websites in Greece is very different.

Website development in Athens

Website development in Athens is represented by several companies. One of the most famous website development company in Greece is Soulu Engineering company.

Website development and Google promotion company - Soulu Engineering

This company is engaged in the development of any web sites, ranging from one-page “Landing Page” type. A very good portfolio of corporate website development projects in Greece.

After talking with the management of the company, we were shown very beautiful and functional websites of various sites, online stores, real estate platforms. Soulu Engineering has branches in Greece , Ukraine (Kyiv) and Georgia (Batumi).

The company has a wide range of clients. Among the clients are the Bookn Greece real estate platform, a lot of various clinics, the audit companies Prestige Audit and Royalt Company, the American-Israeli law firm COHEN, the legal company for starting a business in Georgia – BinG, the website of the georgian political party Saxe+, Mass media website GeoInform, and many other clients.

The websites developed by Soulu Engineering have a very stylish design and good usability.

The company is developing not only in Greece, Georgia, Ukraine, but throughout the world and the European Union.

Contacts : +30 699 80 64 035, WhatsApp,

SEO website promotion in Greece

Website development in Greece is not all the necessary services provided in the web development and promotion market. SEO website promotion in Greece is actually represented by Soulu Engineering company.

What is SEO website promotion? This is the promotion of a site on a particular search query to the first page in Google search.

Soulu Engineering’s SEO specialists for website promotion are very strong. The company has powerful support projects that help in link building and most powerful SEO technologies. These technologies use the most powerful media resources like the New York Times, the Wited etc. No company in the Greek web development market can offer such a technologies of promoting your website.

The company showed very good promotion results in Russian, English and Georgian. Sites have thousands of organic clicks from Google. There are a lot of SEO projects in Israel, Georgia, Ukraine, Greece, UK.

How to choose which website your business needs?

How to choose which website your business needs? Website development in Georgia is usually divided into types of projects:

“Landing Page” development

You need to start talking about the development of a Landing Page by answering the following question. What is a Landing Page?

A “landing page” is a website (or a single page of it) that has a long page structure with navigation through it. These pages serve to provide one service, sell one product, or present one product.

As we wrote above, “Landing Page” is designed to drive targeted traffic to a special page where a client can buy a product, order a service, sign up for a webinar or seminar, etc.

These types of websites keep the customer longer, are visually clear, have feedback forms, chat, testimonials from satisfied customers, product descriptions, etc.

The disadvantages of “Landing Page” are that it is very difficult for such websites to do SEO promotion, they are not suitable for describing the activities of companies, they work only with targeted advertising traffic.

Corporate websites development in Greece

Corporate website development in Greece is the most common type of website among businesses.

The purpose of a corporate website is to tell as much as possible about your company. The structure of these websites is multi-page with end-to-end navigation. The most common corporate website structure is the main page, which includes some information about the company, links to all the company’s services, part of the portfolio, partners with whom the company cooperates, etc.

Also, a corporate website typically has a blog page, a page for each service, a project page, a team information page, company information, and contacts. Typically, corporate websites do not have payment options, they are for informational purposes only and introduce customers to your business.

Online Shop Development in Georgia

Online Shop development in Greece is the fastest growing area of ​​web development today. The increase in the share of online commerce in Greece per year is estimated at 10%. This is a rapidly developing sector of the economy.

What is the difference between an Online Shop and a corporate website? The Online Shop has the ability to pay on the site for goods, delivery. Usually, Online Shops have the ability to combine products into categories and tags, leave reviews for products, and have a site search.

Online Shops are doing well on Google, but with the right product page setup.

Online platform development in Greece

Not all web development companies in Greece are engaged in the development of online platforms. The Soulu Engineerin company is developing online platforms. An online platform is a multi-purpose, multi-user web site that brings together three stakeholders, namely the owners of the online platform, the business that conducts business through the online platform, and consumer visitors.

At its core, all online platforms are online stores or catalogs of various kinds. Some of the most common online platforms are real estate listing platforms, auto parts listing platforms, various marketplaces like Amazone and AliExpress.

Websites creation in Greece

Web sites have already become an integral part of our lives, sources of information, means of earning money or entertainment. If you still doubt whether a website is needed for your business, then the answer is obvious – you definitely need it! It’s time to create a website in Greece!

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